Thank you Information Concepts

“Hi, I’m a Political Science major on the Pre-Law Track.” Upon coming to Creighton, I introduced myself and included this one line to everyone I met. I reminded myself that I was a Poli Sci major. After taking a Political Science course I was intrigued at the material we covered, but I decided it wasn’t something I wanted to invest my whole college career into. I signed up for my first Journalism class this semester and I surely enjoyed the course, what we learned, and my professor.

Through my JRM 215 class at Creighton, I learned the different types of Journalism careers. From Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel’s book Blur, I learned how to determine the credibility of information that is conveniently offered in this modern world.  Amongst everything I’ve learned, my biggest takeaway would be learning about the risks and requirements that accompany


Diana Sugg Baltimore Sun Reporter

the job of Journalism. I found the reading about Diana Sugg most compelling. It was through this reading that I was able to have a broader vision about a Journalism career.  This job that required having to endure a lot of difficulties by being placed on the front lines of the issues you want to write about. Most importantly, it required a lot of passion. To simply write stories, which was the way I initially perceived it, wasn’t the full picture of Journalism and I realized that after reading Diana Sugg’s story.  This was my biggest takeaway from this class and the reading that I enjoyed the most.


The class involved a lot of class discussion and videos that related a lot to the material we were learning.  I appreciate how our Professor took the effort to present videos during class, which kept me attentive and most of all, the visual aid definitely helped me better understand what we were learning. This class is short and is only 50 minutes long, but our professor was always willing to listen to every student who had their hand up and wanted to contribute to the discussion.  I appreciated that a lot too.  However, I wish there was a lot more group discussion among our members and that way students would have been able to better interact with each other.  I would definitely recommend that for future classes.  Moreover, if any student is looking to learn more about the work of a Journalism then I highly suggest that they read Diana Sugg’s piece.

Creighton’s Information Concepts 215 is a great way to jump start your path towards a Journalism career. You’d not only enjoy what goes on in this class, you learn a lot.  After taking this class, I finally declared a major in Journalism.  Thank you, JRM 215 for an amazing Spring semester. Thank you, Professor Zuegner for making this course an enjoyable one!  I am more than excited to continue my college career with this major.

“Hi, I’m a Journalism major on the Pre-Law track.”



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